Lorne Goldman Reviews New Property Assessments

Lorne Goldman Reviews | New Property Assessments by BC Assessment

The headline in Vancouver Sun January 3, 2018 reads, “Value Hikes Enter the Strata-sphere”. This article pertains to the new property assessments produced by BC Assessment. This provincial government office was established in 1974 and currently employs 747 people to develop and maintain real property assessments throughout British Columbia. Of interest is the question of [...] Read More

New Vancouver Housing Strategy Promises 72,000 New Homes Over the Next Ten Years

Vancouver City Council voted affirmatively on November 29 to integrate a new major housing strategy. The strategy tackles necessary issues important to the integrity of Vancouver's economy and growth in addition to revitalizing low-density neighbourhoods, addressing homelessness to taming real estate speculation and growing rental housing inventory. Mayor Robertson's release stated "Housing Vancouver builds on [...] Read More

Zimbabwe and Vancouver Real Estate

Formerly known as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe’s current population of 16 million (1.5 million in its capital of Harare) watched this week as Robert Mugabe, after 37 years in power, left the ruling government. During his reign, the value of cash became crystal clear. When I visited there, I obtained a 50 billion dollar bill. In 2008, the [...] Read More

A Review of Fall Vancouver Real Estate Activity

October 2017 saw interesting activity in the Vancouver market that may be the repercussion of the federal government announcement to tighten mortgage requirements sending motivated buyers scrambling to enter the market before changes commence January 1st, 2018. WHAT IS A MORTGAGE STRESS TEST? Currently, a buyer becomes an uninsured borrower when they put down more [...] Read More